There is never a charge to the candidate for our referral services!              We only cater to the commercial insurance professional.

As an Executive Search firm, Barry M. Gold & Co. recruits... we attract the right people into the right companies.  Doing a great job is our only way of getting repeat business, and we do it well.  We are eager to demonstrate our "extraordinaire" service to you, with the best opportunities available right now... with existing budgeted positions ready to be filled!   If what you do involves new business production or can influence a good client, we want to talk to you!

Our niche is commercial insurance, and it's a HOT MARKET!   We have the BEST CLIENTS!   Those who have repeatedly worked with us understand...   we handle you RIGHT and we handle you...  IN CONFIDENCE!

Does this economy make you nervous?  We have been around for almost 50 years.  We survived double digit interest rates, a shaky market, and a downturn almost as challenging the the one we are experiencing.  As a Nation we dealt with it then and we will deal with it now! 

As a client, we can help you with your business plan to acquire the best talent on the market.  As a candidate, Barry M. Gold & Co. can help to ensure your career objectives even through these seemingly uncertain times.  Geographically, we work most of the West Coast, primarily the major areas of Northern and Southern California.... Call us!

That means, no mass mailing - no mass email/faxing of resumes, ever... PERIOD!

WORK WITH US!  Almost 50 years of insurance industry relationships and recruiting experience...  GIVES YOU AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!  

At CSP (California Staffing Professionals), Mr. Gold previously served on it's board).   Mr. Gold received the 1999 "Presidents Award for Service" to his trade association.  He has held the posts of Orange County Director to the state organization.  In addition, was director of the executive search division and twice elected president of it's Orange County chapter.  He received his C.A.C. accreditation, May of 1995.

At Barry M. Gold & Co. we are very aware of the personnel challenges a major organization has to face in these tumultuous but exciting times.  Our expertise is available to those companies who provide an environment to survive and compete in any new business climate, and to those candidates with state of the art skills, who possess a current record of success.

As an owner, manager, industry trainer, and always a top producer, Mr. Gold has been a speaker at trade association events and has guest lectured at local community colleges.   


If you do business with a search firm who doesn't have a trade association affiliation like NAPS, then when bad things happen you may have little or no recourse!   As a 30 year member of NAPS, we were and are held accountable for our actions per their code of ethics and standards. We work both retained and by contingency, we operate under the laws of the State of California. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Barry M. Gold & Co. is a referral service, provided free to  the candidate.   We do not make hiring decisions for either the candidate or client company.  Therefore, we do not take responsibility for the actions or consequences of anyone's interview(s), offer(s) or subsequent employment.