What to do when the headhunter calls?

You are considering a move and you're a little anxious about partnering with a search firm.  Who should you work with?   There is a reason why so many people take our call, and not others.  It's not just personality, but experience and sincerity - which can be felt! 

From the candidates view, imagine how it feels to get on the phone with someone you have never talked with, and tell them your most personal information!  Well, a good recruiter needs that information to do a very thorough evaluation.  We will keep this confidential - as we don't do mass faxing/mailing of resumes.  Our goal is to keep your trust.  We get no renewals - except the goodwill and referrals of our candidates which gives us every reason to treat you right!

So!  What would you like in your next position you don't have now?

Just a few reasons why a company or candidate does business with Barry M. Gold & Co.

Almost 50 years experience within your industry niche!

A track record of success, working with impressive quality broker clients, and the most productive candidates.

A reputation for honesty and integrity.

CAC & CSP accredited through the California Staffing Professionals

A member of NAPS for 30 years - National Association of Personnel Services.

State of the art web interface, with the most productive esoteric headhunting software on the planet, enable us to make great matches... with almost immediate results!

A realization that any chance for repeat business means we must practice the "TRIPLE WIN!"
The Company - The Candidate - The Search Firm

We work confidentially, with no mass faxing/emailing of resumes, period.

Only in circumstances when asked, we can negotiate for both parties fairly, and have a reputation for being described as "living WD-40!"


On Follow-up and Momentum

If you want the best offer you can get....

If you want the best opportunity you can get... 









Then you must keep your eye on the prize!
Stay on track and don't let momentum die!

Show your professionalism, stay in touch with your headhunter and the employer!
Don't act flaky, you might burn a bridge -- it's a small world.
Return messages, be available and call back.

In short, be a real person and it will pay off !
Make sure the world knows -- your word is your bond.

Congratulations! You are on your Way!

Companies are interviewing NOW for many types of key positions.  Update your resume.... are you positioned to be with the right broker in 2018!

Since the 90's, "change" is now our constant companion.  Some of us have managed change better than others.  Now, everything happens faster, and with no rest for the weary.  Only the survivors, those who can cope with change make up our data base.