Our firm deals only with the business insurance professional - property & casualty / benefits and related niche specialties.    

We see the continued M & A environment, but there is continued demand for professionals, mostly with production related positions!  In addition, we expect this to continue through 2018.  It doesn't take a genius to see that political issues at the Federal level creates uncertainty.  Implementation, to the ever changing parts of Obamacare and Tax Reform and it's effects, remain in flux.  However, we strive to recruit stable, top performers... who brokers are still very willing to pursue, offer great deals, and HIRE!

With regrets, it is our opinion that the low level support positions will be affected by outsourcing, the use of centralized service centers, and by increased acquisition activity.  Without real change, 2018 and beyond will continue to be a challenge for the working middle class.

Some New brokers are being formed as others are being purchased.   Surviving second tier brokers  continue to take advantage of those who are "fed up" with their current employer's lack of direction or just the feeling of being lost in the crowd.  And, they are HIRING.

In short, surviving brokers are on the prowl, and they are looking for quality talent.  Brokerage firms will have the choice of changing their ways or face the consequences of not becoming agents of change!

So... where some see chaos... others see opportunity!   The marketplace always seeks alternatives.  The best talent  will continue to get and accept very attractive offers!

It becomes particularly imperative the candidate is prepared to meet high expectations.  The insurance industry is challenged by legislation from Washington and the "new" laws and regulations that are not yet in place.  

Most firms are NOT into training new people at this time.  The bigger brokers continue to acquire other firms as their main means of growth.  Information from the Internet will continue to create more power to buyers.  Thus, the need to differentiate oneself from the competition is paramount.  One way to do that is to hire exceptional people.  

Loyalty becomes less of an issue to candidates who feel their employer is either unstable or up for grabs.  Also, those who have been acquired by a larger firm find themselves uncomfortable and feeling unconnected.

The Internet is reaching out through e-commerce to many client segments that were handled by agents.  Commissions are being cut along with some services, not to mention those that have gone overseas.  Others see carriers compete with their brokers even more than they already do.

Any way you look at it, continuous change is a fact of life.  More and more, people from the CSR to the CEO, are concerned about their future. 

Many career oriented insurance professionals feel they need an "action plan" to protect their careers, not to mention home and family!  One could hardly blame those who will discreetly investigate and weigh the alternatives. 

Are you positioned to compete and survive with the right broker in 2018?  

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