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Despite continuing consolidation, brokers and companies are having major problems finding and retaining quality talent - that is why you need us!

By reviewing our web pages, we hope to provide you with industry information, commentary, listings, and hiring technique.

We are committed to finding you the best person for your companies individual needs.

We are very aware of the personnel challenges a major organization has to face in these tumultuous but exciting times.

We are an executive search firm, specializing in insurance staffing, both retained & contingent.

Our thirty-four years of insurance industry relationships and recruiting experience, means working with us... GIVES YOU AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!

We focus our efforts on serving the Insurance Company, Broker, Managed Care and Group Benefits Consulting Organizations.

Our expertise is available to those companies who provide an environment to survive and compete in any new business climate.

As a participating member of NAPS, we are held accountable for our actions per their code of ethics and standards.

As an owner, manager, industry trainer, and always a top producer, Mr. Gold is a speaker at trade association events.

Some firms have decided to train new people. But, many are also starting to looking at long term strategies.

If you do business with a search firm who doesn't have a trade association affiliation, when bad things you have little or no recourse!

post insurance jobs online
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